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The Full Story

Our Journey

We began in 2012 with a passion for the herbal world.  While exploring ways to help the planet and the beautiful people on it, herbal medicine came into play. Our team has a true passion for helping people explore natural ways to take back their health. We are committed to teaching the community about natural healing modalities from herbal therapies, yoga, Ayurveda, and more, all while providing high quality herbal products that are made by hand in small batches by qualified herbalists.

Moon Milk Blend.jpg
Moon Milk Blend


To provide the community with organic and sustainable natural remedies, backed by qualified herbalists.


To bring herbal wisdom back into everyday life.



Every member of our staff has certifications in various holistic healing modalities. We are dedicated to keeping up to date on all current research so that we may better help our customers.


Every ingredient we use in our products is 100% organic, so you can rest easy knowing that only the best goes into every item we make.


We will always list every ingredient on every product. We believe that every person deserves to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies.

Dedication to Community

We give back to the community through free herbal events, charity, volunteer work, and more.

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